Monday, June 16, 2014


Recently I just got my hair colored, but it's not really a major drastic changes. At first I intently wanted to have my hair bleached. But after a few concerns, I decided not to because I have very sensitive scalp and thing hair and I don't wanna damage my hair. Instead I decided to dye my hair a few shade lighter. Honestly I don't think you could even see it, but I think at least it did even out my hair color. Wanna know how I messed up things? Keep reading.. :)

I did dye my hair my hair at home myself with color box from drugstore. The brand I used is Schwarzkopf Pallete Deluxe in 9-0 Light Blonde. Well, before some of you asking "It's not even come out blonde!" , I must address my natural hair color is quite a dark brown, so I won't drastically change my hair into blonde (Although that's what I thought at first too). I used only one box which honestly it's not enough for my long hair. Since I just intent to lighten my hair and wanted to dye another color on top, it was fine.

Basically I just followed the instruction and dye my hair. Here it's where I kind of messed up. I leave the dye sit on my hair for an hour and half which is far too long. I thought if I leave it longer it might have tendency to lighten my hair more, but I was wrong. It wasn't. It dries out my hair which I was so irritated. So the next day, I literally pile on a lot of coconut oil and leave it as overnight treatment and I washed it off the next day. I can tell you, it was lifesaver! It leaves my hair feels silky soft , look shiny and healthy. I also have changed a couple hair product since then which helps keep my hair healthy.

People, learn from me, don't leave your hair dye for too long! And don't forget to do hair mask after dyeing your hair.
Ps: I'm thinking of going red headed. What do you think? :)


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