Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I probably have mention that like thousand times, but I love breakfast! I never skipped a day without breakfast. I need food in the morning to keep my tummy fueled and my brain working. Since I have little time in the morning, I've been enjoying eating overnight oats in the morning. It's easy, quick and can be prepare ahead of times. I usually make it the night before so I can less likely worried about my breakfast in the morning.

There are many types of different ingredients that you might heard to this overnight oats. It depends on people's liking. For me, I like to use rolled oats, because it won't get overly soggy when it was soaked overnight. I also prefer soy/almond milk instead of regular milk. I just like the taste of it. For topping, you can go crazy with it! Anything from fruits to cracker, the choice are endless. I'd like to add a little bit of chia seeds for some extra boost of omega B3. Just put everything in a mason jar and put it in the fridge, and the next morning you get yourself a nice hearty and healthy breakfast, not to very time saving for people like me who constantly rushing in the morning. It even can be easily grabbed and go!

What's your favorite breakfast in the morning? Because I'm definitely open for suggestion!


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