Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Remember when I said I would fill you guys in on what's been going on since I'm gone? Yeah, we shall start from the very first beginning and the best day of of the past months. It's one of my best friend's wedding!

It was the most magical, beautiful and surreal moment. It was my first time attending wedding whose are so close to me. It feels so weird and at the same time very touching. She has been planned her wedding since the first time I knew her. I remembered the time when she always said that she wanna get married right after she finished her study. At that time I was like "What?" But now that it happened, I feel like "wow!" Honestly, I really had different perspective in marriage now, in a good way!

The wedding dinner was held in Johor, Malaysia in which now that I'm staying in Singapore, it only takes 1-2 hours drive. It's actually such a rush to be there, because I had to head straight from my office to Johor and with me not knowing how to go there (stupid me!). But luckily I had friend here so we decided to go together.

The venue was beautifully decorated with lots of flowers, candles, and it just looks magical. Not to mention the food was so good that I was literally eating like a beast because I was just so hungry (upps!). But everything was just perfect. We did had some alcohol which as you can see I'm so red (definitely not a drinker!). We had so much fun and so did she!

I love this red dinner gown so much! Very traditional Chinese inspired! <3

As for my makeup and outfit goes, fun facts, I literally put my makeup on in the morning and it literally last me while day even after running around whole day. Believe me, even after running around to catch the train, and helped with decorating venue, my makeup still last.All I did was only touching up my lipstick since I'm wearing red lip.
Quick tips for long lasting makeup is primer! I swore by them after I tried them, it definitely helped a lot with long lasting power.
For my outfit I went with the whole black leather outfit. I keep it classy with the all black and red lips on my lips and my DIY clutch bag. (It's like stealing the lips from my clutch and put it on my lips, lol). Who said you had to wear dress to a wedding right? :D

What I'm wearing:
Top : Zara
Bottom : Zara
Shoes : Bugis Street
Clutch : DIY , read post here

Once again, I wish all the best for her and of course always be happy forever with so much love!
Always and Forever!! <3



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