Sunday, December 14, 2014


I love pizza, everyone love pizza right? I mean who doesn't. But we all know how much calories in a piece of that deliciously tasty pizza. It's probably around 285 calories in a slice of those Domino's, but usually I'll never get enough of one. So how much probably it will be if we get through a pan of it. I'm always feel so guilty after eating them, but I just can't resist those temptation.

But now I've got a solution for that, I found recipes for healthy flour-less vegetarian pizza. We probably heard about the butternut squash pizza, but for in where I lived it's kinda hard to find one. So, I tried to substitute it to sweet potato. It works just fine, and not to mention it taste just as good and also guilt-free.

1 medium/big sweet potato
(Basically that is)

(Basically anything you can found in your fridge.)
Cheese, I just can't resist.

For sauce you also can either use tomato sauce or pesto sauce. But in my case since I don't have one, I chose to use korean go-ju-jang/ chili paste.

First thing to do is to steam the potato then mash them well and use it as the base of the pizza. I put it in a bake free pan and place it in a preheated oven for 200°C for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take it out and spread the sauce of your choice all over it follow with the vegetables topping on top. Of course a little bit of cheese won't hurt anyone.Of course you can go for a low fat alternative. Then put it back on again for another 15 minutes and until the top is golden brown.

It was so delicious! Now it's been my new favorite pizza. It also very easy and quick to make, so every time I'm craving for some pizza, I can easily make it one myself and not feel like a crap after eating them. It's a total guilt-free.

Tell me what is your favorite pizza topping?


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