Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Steeping ginger tea at home is practically easy process since it only required 3 ingredients : sliced ginger root, black tea, honey, and water (Oh, it's probably four). It just takes a quick 5 minutes and you can have a fresh, fuss free detox ginger tea.

Last week when I went for body massage, I was served with a ginger tea which I was loving and literally obsessed at the moment. Ginger tea has tons of benefit to the body. It can helps with bloating, cold, stomachache, migraine, or other general fatigue even PMS pains. It also helps to relax the body muscle after the long day so I find myself drinking the a lot during the evening.

I'd like to scrape the ginger skin off, but definitely you can leave it as it is. Slice them to thin piece as it will release the flavor and spiciness better. Bring them to boil and add 2 bag of black tea, let it steep for 5 minutes. Just pour them through a fine mesh and you can add honey as much follow your personal taste then you can enjoy your warm cup of ginger tea. I like to make it in a big batch and stick them in the fridge, so I can have them ready every night and just to reheat them. Don't throw the ginger just yet!You can save them for your dinner ingredient or whatever you're intended to cook.
Quick tip in term of buying ginger, go to your Asian market and buy them there as they will be plump and fresh also much cheaper. If you like it spicier, pick the old ginger since it has stronger kick. But you can also choose young ginger if you prefer them mild.

Ready towarm a cup of ginger tea

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