Monday, March 30, 2015

NOTW : Sparkling Nail

I don't know when is the last time I painted my fingernails. (I know crazy right?!) But since I have started working at site, I have been pretty lazy with my nail, either it chipped so easily or just the fact I'm just lazy. In my defend, I would say the both reason just emphasize each other. Ha!

I guess from all the girl in my office, I'm certainly the laziest when it comes to nails. Myself a year ago probably think it's insane that I can even go a day without nail polish. Until my friend brought her new polish and decided to do a little manicure session.

She bought her 2 favorite color, which are both from Etude House Play Nail. They both looks so stunning. I decided to go for Silver as my friend went for gold instead. The color translate variant under different lighting. Totally loving this color, I'm gonna go and grab one for myself!

Thank god to my friend to make me fall in love with manicure again. I definitely will start to taking care of my nail.


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