Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Healthy Eats : On the Go Salad in a Cup

Ever since I spent my day mostly running job site, out foe meeting, and running errands, my eating time schedule has gone crazy. It's so unpredictable that I found myself eating too late, too early, even sometimes even skipped a meal. It's just the fact that work caught up on me or sometimes I'm on the go and I can't found myself any restaurant serves vegan food at all.

When I watched Megan Rienks's youtube video, I just hit me why I didn't even think about that before. It's so smart the fact that you can bring your salad on the go. Salad is meant to be eaten cool so definitely perfect and you don't have to bother about re-heating anything.

The best part is you put anything that you like and make it as healthy as you can. Personally I wouldn't combine my dressing together with the vegetable as it might make them quite soggy. So, I usually put it in another container and when I'm ready to eat, just pour them in, give a little shake,a little stir, and they'll be nice and coated.

My favorite salad combination would be carrots, zucchini, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, spinach.
Sometimes I will add some tofu, mushroom, quinoa for extra protein.

What's your favorites combination?


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