Sunday, March 13, 2016



I'm back, after a long wimp of MIA and no where to be found from my blog. 
I've been so busy for work, been doing lots of work-y travelling that I have not been doing regular upload on my youtube and my blog. I'm really a bad blogger. 

Life Lately:

Hmm, how am I gonna start? 
My life has been very overwhelming fro the past couple months, but recently I have been trying to get it back on track. I usually get easily stressed out over simple things like work, relationship, and sometimes even normal things like food and sleep. I really try hard to balance out everything, it's surely not gonna be perfect all the time, but I am taking slow step and work little by little to achieve the point I want. Not gonna lie, my work have been kinda suck-y lately, you know the kinda feeling like you just lost the thrive and direction? Yeah, that's how I felt it now. But for current moment, I also try hard to find the answer I want. I know I sounded very ambitious, but honestly I am confused and for current state I'm gonna let it just go with the flow. 

Last month is my sister wedding and I was one of the most wonderful amazing day I have been in a long time. I really opened my eyes to find my true Mr Right. Yes, currently I don't have any man holding my hand, but I am confident one day I will find one who will hold it tight and won't let it go. But in the meantime I need to love and understand myself, because nobody can understand me better that myself. Remember one thing, you can't love anybody if you can't love yourself first. Love comes naturally, don't force, don't look for it. It will eventually come. Believe it.

Love Lately:

I have been loving reading back old manga aka Japansese comic book in case you guys don't know. I was a huge fans of reading manga when I was little until the level I will stay up really late just to finish the manga. I just finish Vampire Knight manga which I just took me 4 nights to finish the whole story. It was amazing and I enjoyed a lot. In case you guys have any suggestion of good reads, let me know, cause I am always on the hunt. 

I just finished Rourouni Kenshin Trilogy, which is a adaptation from Japanese manga about old Japanese war and samurai. (I really am not good at describing storyline, just google and watch, you won't regret) I am super surprised with all the storyline, the case, and the graphic effect. It was so real and and all the cast was so similar with the manga/anime. I am seriously impressed. Love and love, that's my rate.

Likewise, I also been loving the soundtrack from Rourouni Kenshin which is One ok Rock - Heartache. I have been playing non stop, the lyric was just heartbreaking. Weirdly enough, this song has been my lullaby brings me to sleep every night. 

For the past few weeks, starbucks been having non stop promotion whereby you can customise you own frappe and get the other one for free. Omg, that promotion has been spoiling me for few cups of java chip soy milk frappe of the past couple weeks, i can't even. Not the most healthiest I know, I'm gonna stop.

That's my little update and more to come. Stay tuned and enjoy your Sunday!

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