Monday, July 18, 2016


I feel like I haven't do any product review in such a long time. Actually I have been trying quiet a few new beauty products recently. I just haven't get around any time to make a proper review on some of them . And also I wanna make sure that I tried and tested them properly before I speak any of my thoughts.

Okay, how should I start this. If you guys have been following me for quiet a while, my skin used to be oily skin. But over the year of finally get the chances to experience winter season for the first time, it has totally changed my skin type. I still remember over the winter month, my skin was like so dried and it cracked and it wasn't a beautiful experienced. I felt like a snake changing skin, gross! Even though I have come back to my actual climate horizon, my skin does not change back. My skin has properly become combination to oily skin. Thus I have to find and try a few new product that suit and works best to my skin.

I was in the hunt on some overnight mask cause my skin needs that little bit boost of hydration. My friend told me once she actually a believer of using mask for glowing skin and she has a habit to put on mask once every 2-3 days. I also read once that the famous Fan Bin Bin uses sheet mask every single day to keep her young looking skin. But sheet mask is totally a rip to the pocket. It's so expensive if you compute it with the amount of uses. For me, sheet mask is for the pamper special kinda day. Hehe.

This product has not come to a surprise actually to those of you guys that actually live in Asia, as it was all over the ads not to mentioned with Song Hye Kyo as spokesperson. I was totally sold by her, or don't you just sold by those amazing spokesperson and thought we could look exactly as good as them when we uses them? Yup, me too and that's the reason I bought it. I got it from the duty free in the airport so it was a travel pack of two. 

Okay, let's talk of packaging.
I have to say it comes in a tub form which I am not too fancy about it cause for me I am just thought of the hygienic of it. Although it does come with a little spoon, but somehow  just never ended up using it. Don't judge me, I am that lazy to clean the spoon anyway.

It's has wonderful light scent and it does give the soothes and calming to my tired skin every time I use it. I can just sniff on that all day long.

It's definitely a gel based consistency which feel super lightweight not like any other overnight mask I used to have. Most importantly it does not feel sticky at all which I am all for that.

You are supposed to use this product once to twice per week and I did that for couple weeks. I have to say I did see my face is not as flaky as it used to be when I wake up in the morning. Some of my friends did mention that my face has more brighter complexion . I did read some people use it every night as their night moisturizer. Maybe I should try it too.

In general I love this products and I have recommend some of my close friend to try and they loved them too.

Have you tried this product, and what do you guys think about it?


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