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Wearing glasses is normal things for us especially for us who suffer from eyesight problem. You might find it eyeglasses sometimes tends to cover most of our face mostly your eyes. It felt like you overdoing your face. But don't fret all pretty girl out there, I am gonna share to you guys some tips and trick that will makes your glasses part of your beautiful feature:

1. Stay neutral 
When you are wearing your makeup, try to do neutral eye makeup with less shimmer and color pop. Your eyeglasses already frames your eyes, you don't wanna go overboard with your shadows.
Important thing is to cover those under eye circle, because you don't want to look like you haven't slept for a century right? My current favourite is Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Artist.
Little trick is I will use mix it with a bit of my moisturiser to avoid it creasing or cakey.

2. Lashes.
Although you can't have bold eye makeup, you can go more on the lashes. It will help to highlight and open up those eyes!
Although I am just not a mascara girl, so lazy to remove it by end of the day. So I usually just curl my lashes and go good with it.

3. Neutral cat flick
Same goes to your liner, it will open up your eyes. If you have thicker frames, draw thicker liner. If you have thinner frame, draw thinner liner.
But I still prefer to have thinner liner, I am all about the neutral makeup. My current eyeliner is Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer , honestly not my favourite, easily smudge and it will gone by mid of the day. Any recommendation of good eyeliner?

4. Blush flush
Add some color to your face will give your the summer glow and brighten your look. Flush those blushes to the apple of your cheeks babe!

5. Define brows.
Brow is always important to complete the look on your face. My favourite is to use pencil eyebrow because it's just easy and fast to use for my thin look eyebrow. I can just draw it and control the intense I am going for.

6. Bold lips.
If you still loves color, go for bright bold color instead. It makes all the differences.
If you feel too much, you can try to have two tone/ ombre lip color to tone down the color.
I love to use The Face Shop Aqua Tint , it gives me color and it taste good, like ice cream? and did I mention I use that as my blush too?

7. Great complexion
No matter how good your makeup is if your complexion looks dull, you are just gonna look like vampire who walks in the middle of the day. (Yes, vampire diaries just started their new season, obsessed!).
I love to have the korean dewy skin look so I have to pack on loads of moisturising oil on my face. My holy grail is Rosehip Oil, currently I am trying Sukin BioNatural Skin Oil , my new faves!

8. Ready to go out!
Now all done, did you forget to wear sunscreen?
I always wear sunscreen wherever I go. My holy grail is Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence, no need to further mention because I mentioned this on every beauty post I did. But recently I wanted to try the spray version, as top up during the day.

So don't be enemy with glasses, they can be the accessories to enhance your look.
I recently stumble Warby Parker, the online eyeglasses and sunglasses solution which give both style and comfort. When they contacted me and I immediately scrolled through their collection, I feel in love, they have the most sleek and slim frame which I totally in love. They recently teamed up with Leith Clark, the fashion Editor and influencer to bring out five new vintage frame for their Winter Collection.
They have the most stylist rimless frames and cool exposed mixed material. Their winter palette involving the soft warm, black matte and soft crystal inspired by mind icy landscape, sun reflecting off snowbank, long shadow and floral hibernation. How cool are they!
I am so into the rose fog Welty frame, it just looks so light and comfortable.

They have services where you can try at home for 5 days and the later decide which pair you wanna buy, so you got to time show all your friend for their opinion (totally me!). Not to mention, every pair  of glasses you get, they are donating to an organization dear to Leith , Girl Up. Such a good cause, you know that you are helping people in need when you purchase a pair. Let's raise awareness to provide life changing opportunity around the world.

And it's November already?


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