Sunday, May 11, 2014


I know that Summer is here but in here where I live basically sun is everywhere. So SPF is primarily my best friend. If you have read my post about my love toward Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence, you will know it was my all time favorites. Recently I stumble upon Etude House counter and since I ran out of my usual sunscreen, I decided to try out the Etude House Sun Pride Sunscreen and Powder. I hate to say but I don't like it, both of it. Let me explain.

First about the sunscreen which personally I like the least. It comes with SPF 32 which again a little bit lower that my previous one. The texture is quite thick and kinda hard to blend out. I have experience when I left with a patch that didn't blend out quite well. It's definitely a product that will be tricky to work with in a rush. Also the smell isn't very pleasant, like a typical sunscreen smell and y it did cause white cast in a photo. But one thing in particular that I appreciate is the fact that it's safe to use for kids so it's safe for those has sensitive skin. 

Secondly, the powder. I'm not particularly hate it but just not loving it. It comes with a small pot and a small sponge. You have to screw the bottom of the pot so the powder come out which is good so it doesn't get messy or anything. The sponge is really hard to use, and takes little powder at a time so you have to either screw a lot or press really hard. I find it using a brush with it is more handy. The powder itself doesn't last a long time, I'd say probably 1-2 hours. 

Overall I don't like it and I definitely won't repurchase it. The sunscreen I probably just gonna use it on my body instead of face. For the powder it's okay for on the go since it's really small and compact. 

I did repurchase my old loves sunscreen "Biore UV Aqua Rich Essence". Read my thoughts, here.



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