Sunday, April 1, 2018


This year 2018, I am trying my best to kick myself out of comfort zone in every aspects, health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I literally have a long list of checklist that I want to improve from this year and I definitely will be adding them as 2018 going on.
Okay let's start with fashion. In 2017, my style is basically activewear, or like I would like to describe them as athleisure. The year athleisure just went over the top of the roof and also the year I am basically getting myself into fitness again. We will get into that again in another chapter.
Don't get me wrong, I love activewear, I wear them every single day, to the gym, lounging around, they are comfy af. But now after doing my spring cleaning, looking my wardrobe, I just own way too much active wear and not much of human pretty clothes.

So this year I challenge myself to go back to my old roots, no find more of nice clothes, not saying to shop more, but just find more variable pieces that I can mix and match in style. Last month I did massive shops on taobao (I am so into taobao after I learned the correct way on shopping there).

I am wearing lace white long sleeve top with fray denim skirt. I am so in love with the embroidered detail across the front and the bell sleeves. You probably would like to wear something underneath to cover that nips. (I am wearing some nips pad here). Pairing it casually with faux leather loafers and some gold round earrings.

Shops here: Top | Denim Skirts | Faux Leather Loafers | Round Gold Earrings

Also I have been stepping out of my comfort zone with my video content, I am definitely testing out some cool stuff on Premiere, still learning though but I am enjoying them so much!

Also, Happy Easter guys!
I am dropping some love with chocolate easter and hot cocoa in my hand as I am typing this post. Yeah, that multitasking life.



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