Thursday, May 1, 2014


Admit it! You have those days when you just too tired and lazy after whole day and you just want to go straight to your bed with your full makeup on. The worst thing is you wake up in the morning with the worst face of all time like breaking out, looking dull, and just bluh! After experience those things, I always try to be a good girl and remove my makeup before bed.
I have to said I'm not a fan of wipes, I felt it doesn't do a really good job at removing makeup. But when it comes to travelling, I feel wipes always comes in handy. Because I don't like to touch up my face very often as I think it makes my face looks cakey and you just keep adding makeup on the face with oil and dirt on, I use wipes to remove my makeup and only I do my makeup all over again. It's also helps me when I'm in hurry when I need to redo my makeup. And as my love for using flannel to remove makeup, I find it wipes works wonder as replacement when travelling. It's just nice to make sure everything clean up before bed. 

It's hard to find the right wipes to fully remove makeup and doesn't dry out the skin. I've been loving Pond's Oil Control Cleansing Wipes. Firstly, it's effective enough to remove mascara and eye makeup. Secondly, it's doesn't dry out very quickly as you go to the bottom of the products. Most importantly, I love it comes in small pack which is good for travelling. 


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