Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LIFE UPDATE + Aaptiv (Personal Training App) REVIEW

Hi guys, how long has it be? I have missed you guys so much I honestly couldn't express myself.
Like seriously though, when is the last time I wrote a post in here or doing youtube?

For the past few months I had kinda hit a brick wall when I felt lost, my creativity brain just doesn't work and it kinda meh... Although many things has happened (some good some bad I will update in a video explaining all) but this year 2018, I make a resolution to really spend more time to do things that I truly enjoy, which is creating. I even put up a quotes on my wall "DO WHAT YOU LOVE EVERYDAY" so that I could remind myself everyday.

Also this year, I make some effort on practising meditation 5-10 mins every night before bed. It really helps me to relax my mind by reflect what have happened on that day and set myself a peaceful way to end the day. I am not a type of person who can do meditation just without anything so I have been enjoying using Aaptiv apps through their guided meditation.

What is Aaptiv?
It is basically your personal trainer in an app. They have varieties of different types of workouts with different levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advances) which allows you to pick the workout to suit your personal strength. Because let's be honest, a person may have advance training in strength training but may be weak in yoga or vice versa.

I have been used Aaptiv for entire full year but to be honest I have not been using it too much in the past months after my marathon training  last year (yes, they also offer marathon training that has the trainer and music cheering you through the whole training, how cool!) until recently.
I have been having some problem with my sleep and when I start incorporating meditation, I realise my sleep has 100% improve. I have been sleeping better and I do not wake up in the middle of the night turning for hours which I had in the past.

Another cool things is it allows you to download the workout and the data will be stored locally and uploaded to your profile and update when the wifi/data connection available.

My favourite main point is the fact that the trainers are real people and they are really encouraging and also sharing some tips and tricks alongside the workout. It's like having your personal trainer by your ear anytime and anywhere. If you like to going to classes like me, but can't always make it because of timing and budget, I'd highly recommend trying it at least for a month and see if you like it. This will allows you to try out a few classes and workout style before committing to monthly membership which is actually only $9.99 / month. They offer some free trial workout which is a steal that you could take advantage for sure!

Personally I have been enjoying mixing up my workout and trying different style of workout, but for full detail I will give you more in depth explanation next on my current workout routine.

Yeah, 2018 is a new year, so let's start this year fresh and with that I am about to do my daily meditation and go to bed. See you in my next post and I promise it will be very soon!

Good nite!
Love XX

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